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Arc'teryx is an energetic and exceptionally innovative company, with over 500 employees. Arc'teryx ongoing success stems from an uncompromising passion to continuously challenge, and radically improve, the status quo. At the foundation of Arc'teryx organization is a dynamic team of exceptionally talented, fun, and active people.

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Arc’teryx has always been about coziness. GORE-TEX shells combine with high-tech down layers to swaddle grown men and women, protecting them against the grizzly elements — or their own showers. Arc’teryx System_A is no different, it’s made for the cozy boys and girls, and it just proved it with the new Blanket Down Cape.

The Arc’teryx System_A Blanket Down Cape is essentially a deconstructed down jacket. Featuring a down-feather fill and water-repellent 7D Arato fabric shell, the Blanket Down Cape might look a little less serious than a regular Alpha SV, but it features the same kind of maxed-out tech that we expect from Arc’teryx.

Fastening using press studs across the chest, the Arc’teryx System_A Down Cape is designed to be worn, and why wouldn’t you? We’ve seen the likes of A$AP Rocky hit the red carpet in a blanket, and now Arc’teryx is saying that it’s your turn. This is, after all, the ultimate lazy-day bodega-trip flex.

The Arc’teryx System_A Blanket Down Cape is available now for a price of $650 at SSENSE.

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Arc'teryx Shell Jackets Outlet Online: The Perfect Blend of Style and Functionality

When it comes to finding the perfect jacket for outdoor adventures, it's important to strike a balance between style and functionality. That's where Arc'teryx Shell Jackets come in. These jackets offer a sleek and modern design that is sure to turn heads, while also providing the protection and performance you need to stay comfortable in any environment.

One of the standout features of Arc'teryx Shell Jackets is their high-quality construction. These jackets are made with durable materials that are designed to withstand the elements, so you can stay dry and comfortable no matter what the weather has in store. They also come with a variety of features, such as adjustable cuffs and hoods, that allow you to customize your fit and protection.

But it's not just about practicality - Arc'teryx Shell Jackets also have a strong sense of style. From bold colors to sleek designs, there is a jacket to suit every personal style. Whether you're hitting the slopes or just running errands around town, an Arc'teryx Shell Jacket is sure to make a statement.

Overall, Arc'teryx Shell Jackets are the perfect choice for those who want a jacket that combines both style and functionality. So why wait? Get one today and stay stylish and protected in any environment.

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Arc'teryx has gone from hiker fav to streetwear flex in a matter of years, thanks in no small part to co-signs from much-imitated folks like Virgil Abloh and Drake. Longtime fans may grouse but such is the nature of the biz and Arc'teryx seems keen to adapt.

There's the accessible System_A sub-label, for instance, and a rumored Lunar New Year capsule that'd further Arc'teryx's push into the perpetually profitable Chinese market.

Note that the Arc'teryx Lunar New Year capsule hasn't been confirmed by the brand but the bunny-centric jackets that first surfaced on Arc'teryx's always opinionated Reddit forum is pretty compelling (Lunar New Year 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit). Plus, the capsule wouldn't even be Arc'teryx's first Lunar New Year drop, though it's more involved than some of the previous efforts.

Highsnobiety has reached out to representatives of the brand to confirm details of the Lunar New Year capsule.

In the meantime, there's plenty of time to dissect the goods, given that Lunar New Year will be observed in China on January 22, 2023. If it's legit, the capsule will once again be exclusive to Chinese Arc'teryx outlets.

Not that there's actually that much to dissect: the sneak peeks reveal only a few classic Arc'teryx items — Alpha SV Jacket, Atom LT Hoody, Motus AR shirt — branded with a stylized rabbit logo on the front and rear.

The oversized branding is especially telling of the streetwear crowd that Arc'teryx is chasing here, considering that these garments are normally bereft of any rear branding.

It's also interesting that Arc'teryx went so big on the bunny branding, swapping out its signature Archaeopteryx skeleton — "dead bird" to devotees — for a rabbit in motion.

Arc'teryx has toyed with its logo for previous collaborations, like when Jil Sander and Palace got its 'lil logo beneath the typical Arc'teryx branding, but this is a pretty big departure from the norm (assuming it's real).

The comments on Arc'teryx's subreddit are unsurprisingly critical of the collection — one top comment summarizes the response succinctly: "Not a fan. Dead bird is OG and can never be topped."

Unless a limited capsule is particularly considered, it's unlikely to score anything other than tepid reviews but Arc'teryx likely cares not. After all, this drop isn't for them.

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Arc'teryx Year of the Rabbit Gear Outlet Online Has Surfaced

Arc’teryx is slated to gear up for the 2023 Lunar New Year with a Year of the Rabbit-themed capsule collection.

Initial images of the themed fan-favorite hiking and streetwear hybrid brand’s upcoming collection first surfaced on Reddit. The label has not yet confirmed the capsule however, the images that appeared on the Reddit forum are quite compelling given that it will not be the first time Arc’teryx has dropped a Lunar New Year collection.

According to the Reddit forum, the surfaced images pinpoint sneak peek reveals of the classic Arc’teryx items including the Alpha SV Jacket, Atom LT Hoody and Motus AR shirt, all with a stylized rabbit logo on the front and rear, replacing its typical bird logo. The monochromatic black, white and grey rabbit appears to be in a leaping motion and the stitched label name is highlighted in a shade of dark turquoise green. So far, the capsule logo appears on classic black renditions of the aforementioned apparel silhouettes.

Take a look above at what is to come for Arc’teryx this Lunar New Year.

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The Arc’Teryx Vertex Shoe Outlet Sale is Suitable for All-Season Wear

The Arc’Teryx Vertex Shoe are a pair of all-season alpine footwear ready to withstand exposure to some of the most demanding environments no matter the time of year. The shoes are constructed with a single layer of mesh for the upper, which is 100% recycled PFC-free polyester and accented by an integrated knit collar. These materials combine to provide a temperature regulating function that's also breathable and capable of managing moisture with ease.

The Arc’Teryx Vertex Shoe features a TPU rock plate along with a 0.7mm forefoot TPU film, a welded support zone and a 360-degree rand. The sneakers are rounded out with Vibram Megagrip outsoles accented by 4mm lugs to maximize the wearer's sense of grip on uneven terrain. ..........Read full article

Arc'teryx Releases the Vertex Shoe Outlet for Alpine Runners

Arc’teryx has just released a new shoe for alpine running. Made with breathable, synthetic fibers, the Vertex has been fine-tuned to give outdoor lovers the support they need during rough terrain.

The Vertex comes in three colorways and features a 100% recycled PFC-free polyester upper, a knit collar, and protection via a TPU rock plate, 360-degree randing, and a welded support zone. For tread, Arc’teryx has chosen a Vibram Megagrip outsole with a deep 4mm lug pattern.

Priced at $180 USD, those interested can shop the Vertex over at the brand’s online store.

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Arc’teryx Beta LT Jacket Hadron Outlet Sale Review: A Bomber Rain Shell You’ll Never Have to Replace

The Beta LT Jacket Hadron by Arc’teryx is a shell that checks every box for a functional, lightweight rain jacket — and it could last you the rest of your life.

The air was cold and filled with misty rain. Everything was wet: the rocks, the mossy hills, the sheep. But I was dry as a bone.

Beads of water rolled off the Arc’teryx Beta LT Hadron Jacket’s hood, onto my shoulders, and tumbled down the hydrophobic GORE-TEX shell.

So far, the jacket was handling the cold, wet, and windy climate of Iceland in late October pretty well. But this was only the first of 9 days — and the weather wasn’t forecasted to get much better. If ever there was a gauntlet for rainwear testing, this was it. If this shell could perform well in this environment, it would perform almost anywhere.

In short: I took the Arc’teryx Beta LT Jacket Hadron to the “Land of Ice and Fire” and wore it almost nonstop every day for 9 days straight. I wore it in blustery winds, rain storms, on cold snowy mornings, and even hiking into sopping wet gorges. It did not fail once.

It proved impenetrable to both wind and water. And paired with a midlayer or two I was warm enough to hike around in freezing temperatures on top of snow-capped mountains. It’s an expensive piece of gear (at $450), but for anyone who takes advantage of Arc’teryx’s “Rebird Program” it could, quite literally, last a lifetime.

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Arc'teryx's Outlet Online "For the Love of Winter" NYC Experience

NEW YORK—Vancouver-based luxury outdoor retailer Arc’teryx is known for its high-end apparel and equipment, which might make it seem like it’s only for people with a pretty penny to spend. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth, which is why Arc’teryx shared its values with a free walkthrough experience dubbed “For the Love of Winter—An Arc’teryx Mountain Experience” at ZeroSpace in Brooklyn.

In an on-site interview with BizBash, Benjamin Dupont, the multimedia director at Moment Factory, the experiential company behind the event, said the goal was “to bring the coastal mountain effect [in Vancouver] to New York [with an] evocative experience much like an art installation.” The 2,500 guests that attended the event stateside (there was also an iteration in Vancouver) began their 30-minute journey in a shuttle. From Nov. 11-13, eight people embarked on the experience at once, with a new group beginning every five minutes.

And once inside the shuttle, there was “a multisensory portrayal of a helicopter ride,” Moment Factory’s creative director Pamela Schneider explained. “The guests put on headphones and sat on a bench evoking a helicopter, and watched as the multimedia landscape took us on a journey into the mountains.”Every five minutes, eight guests began their journey in a helicopter simulator. To kickoff the walkthrough, at the end of the video presentation, the helicopter’s captain said, “Visibility is limited; we need to land and continue on foot."Photo: Courtesy of Arc'teryx and Moment FactoryUpon exiting the metaphoric helicopter, guests walked into an all-white, smoky room designed to evoke the feeling of being caught in a snowy whiteout.Photo: Courtesy of Arc'teryx and Moment Factory

She continued: “The soundscape guided us to know more about the coastal mountain effect—surprising rain forests [and] fast-changing weather conditions [that are] awe-inspiring and peaceful while also thrilling and dangerous—and led us into the journey we are embarking on.”

In the final line of the simulation-style presentation, the helicopter’s captain said, “Visibility is limited; we need to land and continue on foot,” upon which the “passengers” exited the shuttle and entered what Schneider referred to as a “whiteout.” 

“Here, the all-white room was filled with smoke, and guests must find their way through minimal white trees. Balance and orientation were challenged in this new space, and guests must slow down and pay attention to find the next space,” Schneider explained. The exit of the whiteout space was a custom sleeping bag funnel that participants had to squeeze through before facing an inclined hill outfitted with “minimal cone trees of varying heights,” she added.

Projection mapping guided attendees through varying footpaths and inclines depending on which trail they wanted to take—very similar to the assorted trails and fluctuating difficulties of West Canada’s mountains.After making their way through a snowy whiteout, an incline hill outfitted with cone trees and projection mapping was modeled after the assorted trails and fluctuating difficulties of West Canada’s mountainsPhoto: Courtesy of Arc'teryx and Moment FactoryThe Ridge" room represented reaching the top of a summit, and featured 260-degree projection with a six-minute video loop, lighting, and special effects depicting extreme weather conditions hikers often face.Photo: Courtesy of Arc'teryx and Moment Factory

Upon “climbing” the metaphoric mountainside, guests reached “The Ridge, which was an immersive video room with 260 degrees of projection,” Schneider said. “The projections evoked being at the top of a mountainous ridge,” and featured a six-minute video loop complete with lights and sensorial special effects that ran the gamut of extreme weather conditions a hiker is likely to face, including a blue-skied, clear day; sunset; and snowstorm where snowfall came in the form of soapy bubbles.

Schneider described the final space, called “The Lake,” as an “artistic portrayal of the après-ski experience,” which the Moment Factory team summoned with the use of mirrors, light beams, and an LED cube. “We hope guests felt similar emotions to those they would feel in the real mountains, on a hike or skiing or snowboarding. We wanted them to feel nature in all its beauty and intensity,” Schneider said, noting that creating a “museum-like art installation—different from what we often see as a brand activation”—was the greatest success of “For the Love of Winter.”

Marking the end of the experience, guests were then presented with items in Arc’teryx’s 2022 winter collection. “The guests got to experience the brand in new ways,” Schneider said, adding that “it was less about the product itself and more about the creation of the brand,” while also “creating an event that can be a reference for other creatives to refer to.”The five-room multisensory journey concluded around an artistic representation of a campfire, which Moment Factory evoked with an LED cube and mirrored floor.

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Arc’teryx Outlet Store Capitalizes On Coffee and Skiing Fever This Winter Season

Arc’teryx has collaborated with coffee roaster and retailer Peet’s Coffee to launch a coffee shop at the sportswear brand’s academy in Beidahu, Jilin Province — one of the most popular skiing destinations in China. Featuring the slogan “A power station for skiers,” the in-store coffee shop offers two special coffee drinks exclusively for the Baidahu location in addition to the regular menu. 

Peet’s Coffee has also launched canned drinks, which are convenient for replenishing energy while skiing. Elsewhere, the two parties will roll out outdoor coffee brewing workshops in Shanghai and Beijing in December, providing outdoor enthusiasts with professional tutorials and experiences. 

Netizens’ Reaction

The crossover between coffee and outdoor sports has excited consumers in China. With the winter sports season kicking off in November, skiing resorts in northern China are among travelers’ top choices. On Weibo, WeChat, and Xiaohongshu, users have shown their desire to visit the new coffee shop. Given urban-dwellers’ coffee-drinking habits, they enjoy following similar routines on their trips.


Fashion and beauty players have tapped the coffee boom in China since last year, and Arc’teryx is not the first brand to open a coffee shop in an alpine resort. From December 2021 to February 2022, Fendi presented Fendi Caffe and a pop-up space with its winter sports capsule collection at Changbaishan International Resort. The temporary café became a social media-friendly spot that attracted skiers to check in.

However, as lockdowns and travel restrictions surge since the mainland adjusted its COVID-19 policy earlier this month, the inbound tourism prospects of this winter season seems to be gloomy. It’s uncertain if foot traffic to skiing resorts this year will soar like it did last year. 

Still, Arc’teryx’s initiative showcases its commitment to its loyal communities in the Chinese market. With workshops, clinics, seminars, and socials, the Arc’teryx Academies program covers alpinism, backcountry skiing, running, and climbing. The partnership with Peet’s Coffee not only expands the services of the outdoor apparel label’s Beidahu presence but also engages a broader audience of travelers, adventurers, and coffee lovers. 

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In the world of high-tech shell jackets, few — if any — rank more highly than Arc’teryx. The brand’s impermeable waterproof jackets are so impermeable that, for a while, TikTok users proved it by wearing them in the shower. Well, if you don’t already know, Arc’teryx’s quiet younger brother is called Veilance, and its latest jacket is worth some attention.

Veilance was launched in 2009 as a sub-label of the almighty Arc’teryx. Characterized by many of the same qualities — expert outdoor performance, high-quality construction, and a no-shortcuts attitude to clothing — Veilance also revolved around its own unique aesthetic.

Usually, Veilance pieces are rendered in either complete black or muted greyscale colors. It’s why a certain subsection of gorp lovers, often referred to as urban ninjas, favor Veilance above all other imprints. But, the brand’s latest collection of high-end waterproof shells to hit SSENSE came with a surprising twist in the tale.

The Arc’teryx Veilance Isogon MX Jacket is a fan-favorite thanks to its completely pared-back design. Beyond its understated visuals, it's wind and water-resistant and light enough to be worn as a mid-layer, too. But, while the design is usually finished in black, FW22 sees the Veilance Isogon MX land in a vivid highlighter yellow. Or, as Arc’teryx calls it: Vision.

It's not the first time that Veilance has experimented with flashes of color within its subdued collections, and it's a lesson in how to make color count.

Arc’teryx is no stranger to bold colors. In fact, it’s one of the reasons the label has such a cult following, with many collecting the staple jackets in the rainbow of colors available. It seems that for FW22, this love of punchy color has spilled over into the usually cool, calm waters of Veilance.

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